The Benelux Algorithm Programming Contest, or BAPC for short, is a programming contest in which 60 teams of leading universities from The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemburg compete in solving algorithmic programming problems. The goal of every team is solving as many problems within a certain time and resource limit. These problems have to be programmed out and are then checked by an automatic system for correctness. Each of the universities organize their own preliminaries, and the teams that solve the most problems on the actual BAPC can continue to the NWERC, the contest between all kbo s in North-West Europe. The teams that perform the best on the NWERC can continue to the ICPC, better known as the world finals.
This year, the BAPC is organized by via, the study association for information sciences of the University of Amsterdam. The preliminaries are set to be organized on 23rd of September, whereas the official contest will take place on 7th of October in Amsterdam.


Compilers/interpreters section updated

The “Compilers/interpreter” section on the “System” page have been updated. In particular the Java versions listed now reflect the actual versions which will be used by the judge servers. The versions can be viewed here.

Schedule Online

The schedule containing the planning for the BAPC is now online. You can find it under the contest information or via this direct link.

Regarding personal info required for participation

Participants and crew of the BAPC have been asked to provide some personal information to the organisation of the contest. This is a request coming from ChipSoft who supply the location for this years BAPC. ChipSoft maintains sensitive information on-site and are required to know who enters it’s buildings.

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Problem sets online

The problemset for the BAPC preliminaries will be published Sunday October 1st here on this site. Besides the problems themselves we will post the jury solution presentation as well.

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